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EV&A Architects, Inc.
900 South Pavilion Center Drive, Suite 180
Las Vegas, NV 89144

tel: (702) 946-8195
fax: (702) 946-8196

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EV&A Architects, Inc.
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Ed Vance & Associates (EV&A) Architects was founded in Las Vegas to provide a wide range of architectural, planning and interior design services to the hospitality, commercial and health-care markets. However, EV&A Architects is about more than just buildings. Guided by a design philosophy that emphasizes respect for excellence and cooperative client relations while enhancing the human environment, the firm’s team has helped shape the physical expression of the local desert community.
With the experience and know-how to deliver well-designed spaces to a variety of clients, EV&A is not content to merely meet functional needs. To fulfill its mission, EV&A cares more about developing long-lasting, meaningful relationships with companies in total commitment to the overall project that goes beyond the specific design by engaging in a technical approach and creative search that embraces all facets of the process.

To date, the firm’s work has been recognized for design excellence resulting from the design principals’ personal involvement with each client throughout the entire architectural process. EV&A also catalyzes the development of resources and alliances required to accomplish their clients’ goals and objectives, which can mean collaborating with critical specialists who can coordinate complex project teams of professionals, contractors and consultants.

EV&A’s mission is “to be our clients’ trusted advisor,” which is supported by state-of-the-art technology and backed by a reputation of leadership, dependability and performance. EV&A gets there by offering an unparalleled breadth of services that bring holistic solutions to even the most elusive design challenges. This comprehensive approach ensures a stronger, better-coordinated product.

EV&A is dedicated to exceeding client expectations by partnering with them to bring added value to the built environment. In turn, this ensures that profit and growth goals are met, employees have excellent career-growth opportunities and the community benefits as well. Ultimately, with EV&A you’ll find a talented, knowledgeable team that blends an appreciation for the human experience with a steadfast understanding of your bottom line.

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