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Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
11500 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 240
Henderson, NV 89052

tel: (702) 835-6300
fax: (702) 260-7405

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Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a growth-oriented biotechnology company with fully integrated commercial drug development focused on oncology and hematology that is well positioned to navigate the challenging health care environment of today. Spectrum has four FDA-approved oncology/hematology products and three products in late-stage development as well as a diversified portfolio of proprietary drugs in various stages. As a company with a productive history of product acquisitions, Spectrum continues its business-building activities going forward, most recently acquiring rights to MARQIBO and FOLOTYN.

Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, Spectrum shows passionate commitment for delivering better options for cancer patients by understanding their needs and developing new therapies and supportive care for improved disease outcomes and quality of life. Spectrum’s people combine years of experience and a strong passion for excellence in drug development to deliver high-quality, safe and effective products to patients with unmet medical needs.

Committed to acting ethically with the highest standards of trustworthiness, honesty and consistency in all manufacturing, clinical and regulatory operations, Spectrum confidently stands behind all of its products and work efforts.

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals strives to maintain its small-company culture and is committed to taking initiative and achieving its goals, demonstrating its “gung ho” spirit and responsiveness to change, working as one team focused on the same goals and making prudent financial decisions.

Voted one of Nevada’s best companies to work for in 2012, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals understands that its people are what make the company great. Spectrum values employees’ individual inputs, talents, efforts and company commitment. Moreover, senior management respects professional and personal time, believes in professional growth and listens to new ideas without judgment.

In turn, Spectrum’s employees are committed to accomplishing the company’s mission and living by its corporate values in everything they do, knowing they have the power to make a difference with their unique skills and individual voices that are critical to Spectrum’s success.
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